Small group, countryside tours of Japan


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small group guided tours of Japan
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datevisits of interestaccommodation
Day 1 Tokyo Tokyo / hotel
Day 2 Sensoji Temple, Ueno Food Market Tokyo / hotel
Day 3 Hakone Ashinoko Lake Hakone / Ryokan
Day 4 Noritake Pottery, Gallery Nagoya / Hotel
Day 5 Ise Grand Shrine Ise / Hotel
Day 6 Osaka Namba Osaka / Hotel
Day 7 Hiroshima Itskushima Shrine Hiroshima / Hotel
Day 8 Hiroshima Peace Park Hiroshima / Hotel
Day 9 Himeji Castle, Kokoen Garden Himeji / Hotel
Day 10 Kyoto, Nishiki Food Market Kyoto / Hotel
Day 11 Arashiyama Sagano with Rickshaw, Kinkakuji Temple Kyoto / Hotel
Day 12 Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto / Hotel
Day 13 Tour Ends  


Day by Day Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive in Tokyo
You will be met and escorted to the hotel in central Tokyo by our staff.

Day 2

Tokyo S/S: Sensoji Temple, Ueno Food Market, Meiji Shrine

Day 3

Head to Hakone by bullet train and local express train.

We enjoy panoramic veiw of Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji in the backdrop.

In the evening, wearing yukata robes, we savor delicious Japanese cuisine after taking a good soak in hot onsen bath.

Japanese style accommodation (ryokan).




Day 4

Hopping on the bullet train, it is a short distance to Nagoya, the fourth largest city in Japan and known tor the headquarters of Toyota motors.

We visit Noritake showroom which displays an exquisite array of potteryware.

Day 5

We head to Ise region to visit "Ise Grand Shrine", held as most sacred and sacrosanct, and decicated to Sun Goddes, the progenitor of the Imperial lineage.
We also visit the Futami Cape, an awe inspiring site when the sun comes up in the morning.
The rope strung between the rocks signifies the strong bond between husband and wife.

small group guided tours of Japan

Day 6

By express train, we travel to Osaka.

Namba is the most bustling district of the town and you will be litterally blown away by row after row of shops and stores.

You may try a local delicacy "takoyaki", a pancake stuffed with scraps of octopus.


Day 7

We head to Hiroshima by the fastest bullet train (Nozomi type).

Upon arrival, we go straight to Miyajima, a small sacred island with vermillion torii gate floating in the sea.

We stay at a hotel in the hub of the city close to A-Bomb Dome, which is a national registry.




Day 8

In the morning, we ecplore Peace Park and view the sobering displays in the museum.
After noon free.



Day 9

Today we head to Himeji with the samurai castle poking out into the sky.
The castle is a national treasure and registered as the UNESCO heritage site followed by a visit at Kokoen Japanese garden laid out just next to the castle.


Day 10

We travel to Kyoto by a bullet train. We explore the Nishiki Food Market, buzzing with people all the time.
In the evening, we cruise around the Gion Geisha quaters for a glimpse of Maiko, apprentice geisha girls.

Day 11

Today, we haad to Arashiyama district, with a clean idylic vive.
The headquarter temple of Zen sits right in the middle of this area.
The renowned bamboo thickets are nearby and we hop on the rickshaw to swing around this marvelous site.
Coming back to Kyoto proper, we explore the eastern outskirts called Higashiyama district.
Kiyomizu Temple sits in this region with a famous wooden veranda where in the olden times, various theatrical arts were performed.

Day 12

In the morning we take off for Kinkakuji Temple, a structure plated with gold sheet, originall built in 1397.
The reflection of the edifice on the pond in front is just out of this world. Afternoon free.

Day 13

Tour ends

small group guided tours of Japan

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