Small group, countryside tours of Japan



small group guided tours of Japan

Japanese cuisine has been gaining popularity worldover in recent years for health benefits. At ryokan you have Japanese style dinners, or kaiseki style cuisine. The core of kaiseki is a recipe free from animal meat and fat. This is what is expected at the ryokan. Many Japanese recipes embody a subtlety of flavor and the exquisite presentation rarely found in Western cuisine.

small group guided tours of Japan

Although, fish or seafood is still the mainstay food consumed by the majority of the Japanese, one of the misconceptions held by Westerners is that Japanese eat sushi all the time, which is not true, of course. There are a whole variety of Japanese food that you are bound to be bewildered about on the tour.

small group guided tours of Japan

Most of the breakfasts and dinners are
included in the tour. Please look at the
itinerary to see which meals are included.
Finding a lunch place does not constitute
much of a problem in Japan. There are a
plethora of restaurants, including simple
eateries that serve a mix of Japanese and
Western dishes, McDonalds, Japanese and
Chinese noodle shops. What's catching on
with some of the foreign guests is "soba"
or Japanese noodles made from buckwheat
for lunch. There are many kinds of toppings
with prawn tempura (Japanese fritters of seafood and vegetables) being most popular.
If you have a necessity to hold to specific diets, let us know about it when you sign up.
Although there is no guarantee, we try as best we can to meet the requirements.


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